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La modernisation de la Chambre des Lords


« La Chambre des Lords constitue une curiosité anachronique aujourd’hui unique au monde, une chambre médiévale que l’on peut sans doute qualifier d’anomalie constitutionnelle« [1]. La Chambre des Lords (House of Lords) est, avec la Chambre des Communes (House of Commons), l’une des deux Chambres du Parlement britannique, qui comprend aussi la ...

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Erin Andrew’s win for women’s rights in the United States


If March 8th is the International Day for Women’s Right, March 7th, 2016 was the day which pleaded in favor of women’s rights in the USA. The now famous Erin Andrews case in the USA concerns issues of privacy on the Internet, especially the videotaping, so-called “revenge porn”. Erin Andrews, 37, ...

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Consent to treatment : an inviolable right?


  A fundamental cornerstone of contemporary medical law ethics is the acquirement of a patient’s consent before proceeding onto any treatment. Paternalistic approaches where the doctor would impose treatment on a patient are no longer acceptable in our modern-day European human rights culture. Indeed, it can readily be argued that ...

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Online Gambling: Should the EU let the chips fall where they may?


The European Union gambling market is estimated at around € 84.9 billion and grows at an annual rate of around 3%.[1] It has become evident that online gambling is particularly popular with around 6.8 million consumers in the European Union[2]. In 2012, online gambling services represented more than 12% of ...

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«Common law» ou droit civil, est-ce que cela importe?

British flag

Il existe quatre traditions juridiques importantes dans le monde : le droit romano-civiliste, la Common law, le droit coutumier et le droit religieux. Un exemple pertinent qui vient à l’esprit et qui illustre la différence entre Common law et droit civil est indubitablement celui de la France et du Royaume-Uni. ...

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The unresolved Cyprus problem


Cyprus, a European Union member and a recently discovered oil-rich resort, is plagued with a lingering issue: an unrecognised Turkish-Cypriot North. The Cyprus problem, also known as the Cyprus issue has become the symbol of a complex international conflict. The Cyprus crisis that unfolded in the summer of 1974 serves ...

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The role of national parliaments in the European Union: a case for reform?

Treaty of Lisbon

The role of national parliaments in the European Union is one that is well established in European Union Law. A declaration annexed to the Maastricht Treaty inspired greater contribution from national parliaments through encouraging the exchange of information between them and the European Parliament and ensuring that proposals for legislation ...

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