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Roe vs. Wade


Roe V Wade is one of the most important and controversial decision ever given by the Supreme Court which is still debated nowadays. The question asked to the Supreme Court was to know if the state laws that regulate the right to abort were constitutionally legal. According to the decision given by the Supreme Court, most of the state laws against abortion violated the constitutional right to privacy under the Fourteenth Amendment of the constitution. The Highest court of the US took advantage of this decision to give its own vision of abortion. Roe v. Wade mostly said that a mother has a right to abort her pregnancy for any reason, up until “the fetus becomes viable.’” The Court defined viable as being able to live without any artificial aid. The court determined that the estimated viability of the fetus is approximately seven months. The Court also held that abortion after viability must be possible if needed to protect the mother’s health. The Roe v. Wade decision encouraged a national debate that continues today specially in this period of presidential election. Today’s debates around this decision include whether and to what extent abortion should be legal, who should decide the legality of abortion, and what role may have religion and moral views on this subject.




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