How to be a diplomat for 3 days (or more)

Have you ever imagined being a United Nations’ committee delegate? Well now you can by participating in one of the many Model United Nations (MUN) conferences which are organized annually around the world!

MUNs are realistic simulations of the United Nations, its work and procedures. Each participant takes on the role of national delegate for one of the UN’s member states, respecting the same rules of procedure that apply in a real UN session. Negotiation, cooperation and diplomacy are all used to reach a practical solution to an international problem. Delegates are tasked with creating resolutions which satisfy the majority of member states, seeking consensus rather than unilateralism.

Last February, the Assas Model United Nations Association participated in the London International Model United Nations. Approximately 750 delegates, representing 89 universities and 28 countries, took part in the twelve UN committees re-enacted over three days. Issues such as the establishment of a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone, a Global Partnership for Development and a UN permanent force were debated by the different committees.

Understanding the work of the United Nations and the intricacies of global politics through cultural exchange and dialogue is a unique and enriching experience which all who attended the London MUN 2009 found truly rewarding.

For more information on MUN, please join our conference on “Professions in the United Nations system and other International Organizations” where we will welcome representatives from the UN and UN agencies. The lecture will take place from 7.00pm until 8.30pm on Tuesday 5th May 2009, in Lecture room 3 of the Panthéon building. A presentation and Q&A session on MUN will follow the speakers’ intervention.

Laura Coquard-Patry

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